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  diamondcoated machinegrooved urethane  
Industrial diamonds are used to create
a sandpaper-like gripping texture.
Paper is abrasive and wears down
many gripping textures. A Diamond
Coated Gripper is hard enough to
withstand the wear by paper and
outlasts all other metal-sprayed
gripping textures.
Distinct diamond-shaped, pyramid
and line-grooved points are machine
cleaned. Each pad is made from high
quality carbon alloy tool steel and
heat-treated to a hardness of 58/60 Rc.
(Rockwell Hardness) for long wear.
Urethane is poured onto the gripped
pad and cured to a Shore Hardness
of 88A to prevent the urethane
coating from peeling off the steel
pad or finger. The urethane is the
machined to a finished tolerance.
The average urethane coating will
be about .018" thick.

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